A circle of friends on pilgrimage for the love of God

Sermons from August 2020

Rehearsing Hope in Christ

In this moment when I live, I do not strain for a past that is long gone or stretch toward a future that may never be. Rather, in this moment, I trust that the Lord is absolutely faithful, evening as I walk in the midst of trouble. He is the one who preserves my life, defeats my enemies, delivers and fulfills His purposes in me. I trust in the steadfast love of the Lord. I know that he will not forsake me, and he will lead me step by step, day by day, moment by moment into the fullness of His love.

Life Out of Death

Pentecost +10St. Brendan’s Anglican ChurchRev. Doug FloydJonah 2:1–10, Psalm 29, Romans 9:1-5, Matthew 14:22-33 The Bible is a book full of stories within stories within stories, and the stories are always interacting with each other. We read and hear songs and prayers and proverbs, and different styles of writing, but, in fact, they all operate…