A circle of friends on pilgrimage for the love of God

Sermons on The Gospel

Compelled By Love

Compelled By Love Pentecost +5 Rev. Doug Floyd 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 As our second lesson today opens Paul says, “For the love of Christ controls us.” I just want to think about that phrase to begin with. The love of Christ controls us. That word control, often it’s translated compels, which sounds a little nicer…

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life Rev. Doug Floyd Back before. Before bombings. Before mass shootings.  Back before ISIS and Al Queda. Back before 24 hour news cycles. Back before never-ending political ranker. Back before Facebook and emails. Back before business lunches and late night study sessions. Back before grandchildren, children. Back before first…

Irenaeus and The Gospel

There is always a temptation to move beyond the simplicity of the Good News. In ancient Israel, the northern kingdom of Israel left the revelation of God for the illusions of surrounding nations. The Christians in Irenaeus’ day were tempted to leave the Gospel behind for a supposedly deeper spiritual truth. Even today, we are surrounded by ideas and lifestyles that call to us to leave behind the archaic Gospel truth in favor of supposedly deeper spiritual ideas.