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Sermons on Judgment Day

Jesus as Judge

Pentecost +25Rev. Doug FloydZephaniah 1:1–18, Psalm 90, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-10, Matthew 25:14-30 Zephaniah opens our readings with a relentless prophecy of judgment on the whole world. This may be one of the darkest passages in Scripture. All creation is under judgment. Listen again to these opening words of Zephaniah: 2 “I will utterly sweep away everythingfrom the face of the earth,” declares the…

Are We Prepared for the Second Coming?

Yet from Augustine’s point of view (and ours, too) time is an accumulation of events that is leading to a cataclysmic summation, which will bring about the Second Coming of Christ. But something not quite as cataclysmic (at least I pray not so) are the events of our own lives. What are the events that we are accumulating in our lives? Are they God-honoring events? Are they events preparing us for Jesus’ Return?

Parable of the Talents

Let us think about the parable again in relation to this question of “Where am I?” The master has entrusted these precious gifts to His beloved servants. These gifts are for the benefit of servants. In pouring out the gifts, the servants will grow up into their calling, but the one servant refuses. He fears a lack in the kingdom and sets about preserving his talent, his life. In so doing, he will lose his life.