Sermons on Jesus Christ

Reading Hebrews – From Idols to Christ

Reading Hebrews – From Idols to Christ Pentecost +21 Rev. Doug Floyd Hebrews 3:1-4:11 We will continue our study this week in Hebrews. The lesson is from Hebrews 3:1-6. I’ll talk about Hebrews 3 and part of 4. I may not specifically read those passages, but you’re familiar with them because this is where he begins to talk about the promise of…

Lent 5

Lent 5B 2018 St. Brendan’s Anglican Church Rev. Hank Williams Proofs of Christ’s Divinity & Humanity What I’m going to do today is continue with Father Doug’s Lenten motif of the shape and abundance of God’s love for us.   (Prelude to Holy Week.) And the first thing that comes to mind with our passages from…

Are We Prepared for the Second Coming?

Yet from Augustine’s point of view (and ours, too) time is an accumulation of events that is leading to a cataclysmic summation, which will bring about the Second Coming of Christ. But something not quite as cataclysmic (at least I pray not so) are the events of our own lives. What are the events that we are accumulating in our lives? Are they God-honoring events? Are they events preparing us for Jesus’ Return?