Sermons by Rev. Isaac Bradshaw

The Drama of Redemption

Isaac BradshawPentecost 2018 Acts 2:1-11, Psalm 104:25-35, 1 Corinthians 12:4-13, John 20:19-23 Billy Wilder is one of those figures in film history that has never truly died. He was a master of the art of filmmaking, and like DW Griffths and Orson Welles before him, he purified and distilled all the changes in the filmmakers…

Lent 1

Act in hope. That’s the choice we have. Hope not in who we will be, but He who IS. Hope not in the things we collect whether that is material goods or the detritus of discarded identities, tried on, found ill fitting, then thrown away. Hope in the Father-pleasing Son of God, the one Person that will always love us as ourselves.

Coming Home

Christmas 1 2017 St. Brendan’s Anglican Church Isaac Bradshaw John 1:1-14 I had a very strange experience the other night.  Some of you may know that I’m in the process of looking towards buying a house in the next few months.  It’s a big step, but it’s one that I’ve been looking forward to.  But…