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Sermons on Revelation

Easter 6C – New Jerusalem

Easter 6C 2022 – New JerusalemRev. Doug FloydActs 14:8-18, Psalm 67, Revelation 21:1–4, 22–22:5, John 14:21-29 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ overshadows all our reflections during Eastertide. It overshadows all our reflections throughout the year. Every Sunday is a celebration of Resurrection Day. Whether we consider our moral obligations, our high calling, or our life…

All Saints 2017

God will keep bringing Christians like that into our lives that are a little bit different than us, that may aggravate us initially. They may be the ones that have something for us. They may have a truth that we need to hear, so we need to be patient with them. They may not be perfect, but neither are we. They’re often broken people just like we’re a broken people.